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Download Demo  Modada (3-5) or Modada (6-8) or Modada (9-12).      How to install.
What is Modada?

 The Modada TAKS Game Tutor is an exciting video game that makes it fun and engaging to 
 work math TAKS problems.  The game comes with all questions from every single TAKS test 
 released to date (including the 2009 release)!  There are 3 versions available, elementary school
 (grades 3-5), middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12).                                                                                                                


Video Tutorials                                                                                                                                          


Watch this video tutorial to see how the game works (best quality video here).         



      And watch this video tutorial to see how to print custom tests.                                  


               This video shows how to play the Trojan City mission.                                               



Why use Modada for TAKS prep?                                                                                   


Questions from released TAKS tests give students the closest “taste” of what they will see on their own test.  Many teachers find it hard to get their students to practice working enough such problems to master a concept.  The students claim that it’s too boring or too tiring.  One way to address this problem is to use games and other fun activities in the learning process.  These keep the students motivated, focused and on task as they work.  The Modada TAKS Game Tutor is such a game.


Studies are also showing that educational video games can increase student achievement.

“Based on research conducted by the University of Central Florida (UCF), immersive educational video games can improve students’ math skills and comprehension and raise scores on district-wide benchmark exams.

According to the study, over an 18-week period, students playing the educational video games demonstrated higher gains on district benchmark exams than students not playing the games. On average, students in the experimental group made gains of 8.07 points (out of 25), while students in the control group made gains of 3.74 points.(UCF Finds Video Games Increase Student Achievement, The Journal 6/08)


How does the game work?


To start the game, a student selects questions by grade level, by objective and by student expectation.  The student can also select questions from two or more grade levels, objectives or student expectations.  The selected questions are added to the game where the student will answer them as challenges.


When the game is over, the teacher can access the reports and see how well a student did on the questions they just worked on.  The reports indicate what student expectations were worked on, the percentage of correct answers and a total score.  To detect guessing, the report also indicates how many attempts were made on each problem.



When and where can I use Modada?


  • Whole class review – project the game on the overhead screen, have students take turns running the game while the entire class participates.  Discuss test taking strategies.  Have a competition between class periods.
  • In groups – with 4 or 5 computers in the room, have students work in groups, with each group member getting their turn to run the game.  The group with the most points wins!
  • In the lab – assign each student to a computer and have him/her work on the grade, objective and SE that you assign.
  • At home – Because the program grades the problems as you go, a student can work independently at home.
  • Staff Development – a team of teachers can look through the problems by SE and brainstorm and share best practices on how to teach each SE the way it is tested.
  • Student pull-outs – the teacher continues to teach his or her main class while the pull out students work at the computer.
  • Before/After school tutoring – students can work independently as the teacher walks around and assists.



What can I expect when I use Modada with my students?

The Modada TAKS game will enable you to:

  • keep all your students engaged, motivated and on-task the entire class period.  You will not have to say, "please work another question."
  • address weak areas – by looking at a student’s profile, assign them to work on the SE that they are weak in.  They will see how a given SE has been tested in different grades and in different test administrations.
  • prepare Exit level retesters – have them work on the objectives they did not master the previous time they took the test.
  • strengthen bubble students – Have them practice questions from all objectives.  If they score low on certain SE’s, have them work exclusively on those SE’s.
  • get more commended students – for students who are already strong but make careless mistakes, have them practice on all objectives.  In the process, they should take note of the mistakes they usually make and the practice will help them avoid these mistakes on the TAKS test.
  • differentiate instruction – have your advanced students work on the challenging questions from objective 10 when they are done with they day's assignment.  Have students who are not on grade level practice with questions from a lower grade.
  • use peer tutoring – have advanced students, or helpers from the senior class who are very strong, work with other students in the lab and tutor them as they work the problems.
  • tailor the pace of instruction - students with varying ability can work as fast or as slow they need to.

Play Modada!  Nail the TAKS!

Practice with TAKS questions from Released Tests

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